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Oh hi there!

Laura Yumi Snell Headshot 2016.jpg

I was born and raised in La La Land, where every day was fun and summery.

Under such sunshine-y conditions, I bloomed into a pianist

who got to perform internationally from a very young age.

Since my parents worked long hours, I spent a lot of time with my "babysitters"
(aka Mary Poppins and Maria von Trapp).  Naturally, I sang everywhere I went.

I then had two choices: to become a veterinarian in California or

to move to NYC to pursue a wild career in the arts. I chose the latter.

But I still have two dogs!

I also love to teach, and I founded Laura Snell Music Studio

to train the next generation of pianists, singers, and music-lovers.

As Founding Artistic Producer of SoHo Shakespeare Company, 
I get to create, produce, and perform every day in LA and NYC.

Masters degree in Acting from Harvard / ART / Moscow Art Theatre

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